Don’t be indifferent: Get involved in the wildfire relief mission!


Texas Wildfire Relief Fund aims to prevent massive damage caused by frequent fires in the state of Texas. Everyone is welcome to take part in saving both people and territory from the possible wildfire damage and injuries or even death. A number of professional volunteers are needed to deal with the critical conditions, which Texas has faced. Being non-profit organization that has the only intention to support volunteer firefighters, we ask everyone who is indifferent to the current situation to make a contribution into a fight against wildfire by donating money. We collect money from both individuals and corporations. Anyone who wants to become the part of our common business can do this easily by making a tax-deductible donation.

Why your donation isn’t a waste of money?

When you donate money, you can be proud of yourself as every dollar is used to improve the current difficult wildfire situation in Texas. Every donation is helpful as there are a lot of expenditures connected with the outfit of the firefighters as well as the necessary modern equipment used to fight against fires. Moreover, money donated to us is going to be used to support those who have experienced any kind of damage or injury in case of the natural disaster. This means that if there is wild fire causing damage to homes and other buildings, we use your money to provide all necessary restorative works. Agricultural sector, which usually suffers from wildfire most, is going to be supported as well. In any case it is better to prevent the problem then deal with it. That’s why we offer you to join us in our common efforts fighting against the disastrous fires that may take place in the state of Texas any time due to a number of factors, which have contributed to the current critical condition.

Want to donate money?

If you are aware of the problematic situation concerning wildfire in Texas and want to donate money you can easily do this by offering monetary donations by mail or using the PayPal system. Find out more about the possibilities to donate money at the website. Remember that every time we get your donations we do our best to meet your expectations providing the best possible solutions to the critical wildfire situation and looking for all possible preventive measures in order there are no devastation caused by wildfires any more. Either a tax-deductible donation online or a check is possible. Don’t waste time and get involved now!