Your support is critical and urgent “ Please help Texas Volunteer Firefighters by making a tax-deductible donation to Texas Wildfire Relief Fund today!


Our Mission

The Texas Wildfire Relief Fund is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) committed to generating awareness and garnering support for Texas volunteer firefighters. We must come together as a state to help provide necessary resources to the firefighters in need and ensure Texas is prepared for future wildfire disaster relief.

The Need

Texas is facing the worst wildfire season in the state’s history, and our volunteer fire departments are grossly underfunded.  We need your support in order to provide Texas firefighters with the equipment, water, food, and fuel necessary to continue battling wildfires.

Critical Conditions

  • A “perfect storm” for wildfires has been created since last summer.
    • Drenching rains from Hurricane Alex last July led to a particularly lush vegetation growth.
    • This past winter was uncommonly cold, killing off most of the vegetation and creating ideal fuel for wildfires.
    • The driest March in state history only compounded the dire situation.
  • 250 out of 254 Texas counties are currently under a burn ban – that’s 99% of the state.


  • So far 21,616 wildfires have raged across Texas; the largert number in the state’s history.
  • 3,768,453 acres have been burned.
  • 6,996 structures and more than 2,000 homes have been destroyed.
  • Over 1,500 wild and domesticated animals have perished in these fires.
  • Wildfires have caused more than $78.1 million in agriculture financial losses.

Lives Lost

  • 3 firefighters have died since January 1, 2011.
  • 2 civilian have died.
  • 29 firefighters have been injured.
  • 2 civilians have been injured.

Why Support

  • 48,150 structures have been saved this year by our firefighters.
  • 77% of our fire service is staffed by our volunteer fire departments.
  • There are approximately 30,000 volunteer firefighters across Texas representing 1,400 volunteer fire departments.
  • 86% of our volunteer firefighters use their personal funds to meet the day-to-day equipment and supply needs of their fire department.
  • It costs approximately $8,400 to completely outfit one firefighter.

Call to Action

With our continued drought, the need to support our firefighters will only deepen.  Please donate today to help support the firefighters that battle the wildfires threatening the lives and property of the citizens of Texas.

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Being Victorious In The EA Exam

If you want to feel really happy after you finish your EA exam, there is only one way to almost guarantee that this happens. Basically you have to know your subject information so well, that in the exam, you find yourself writing your answers to the questions and knowing that you are getting them absolutely correct. It is a feeling that you get when you know your topic inside out.

The thing is, this level of mastery of knowledge does not come easily. One has to study and revise over course related information for many hours day after day, to reach this genius level of knowledge. This is when it becomes very easy to pass the enrolled agent test.

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Mastering The CPA Test

You want to go into the CPA exam and absolutely nuke it. Most people in most exams want to do this, but you have extra motivation for this exam, I would imagine, because it is an exam that will lead directly to great pay. Back in school this was not the situation, because although people were trying to encourage you to do well in the exam, there was no payment to come from it soon after. But this time is different because passing this exam is going to take you a long way to being able to score a highly paid job.

In order to pass the test you will first need a good CPA program for learning. There are lots of these around but the good ones do not come cheap. You will need to pay a fair amount of cash for one, but that™s okay because you will earn all that money back after you pass the exam.

So focus on finding a great study guide for CPA exam first and foremost. Doing so is the basis for all of your studies, so it is important that you get the right product.


Timing Your EA Studies

During which parts of the day are you planning on studying? What times will you allocate to relaxing and having a social life? For how much time each day will you go through your learning system?

These are all questions that someone who intends to pass the EA exam test will be asking themselves, so there is no doubt that you too should be asking yourself these types of questions. This is because if you do not plan your studying schedule properly, then you are essentially admitting defeat in terms of exam success. Without planning how to study, you would end up just studying randomly, and for enrolled agent examinations, that will unfortunately not be enough.

So think those questions through for a while, before you dive into the studying itself. Recognize that your plan is a vital component of exam success.

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CFA Exam Mind Games

It is tempting to play mind games with yourself about the CFA exam that you™ve sorted out the booking of. The temptation is to keep having these anxious thoughts about whether or not you can realistically do enough on exam day to achieve a pass grade. Some people fail on the exam not because they are not smart enough to pass, but because their anxious thoughts about their ability undermined their performance on the exam questions. You would not believe how many people lack confidence in this way. If only they had Level 1 CFA study books that actually teach the necessary material well, they™d be all but sorted with some confidence, because they™d be able to feel the fact that they™d know the exam content really well.

It is quite astounding just how effective these kinds of products can be in giving exam confidence confidence in their ability. This other awesome review is another one that I cannot help but recommend after so many people in the business mentioned it to me. I have not checked it over yet myself but you know how it is¦when enough people recommend something to you, you begin to trust it just by the sheer number of people recommending it showing that it is top draw.


Random Exam Literature Recommendations

It is a well addressed fact that good quality exam revision materials are hard to find. For all of the resources that get created, only a select few are of the sort of quality that will assure you of a pass grade in your exam, providing you combine the study material with a hard-work attitude.

What I like to do sometimes when I get a moment, is pick out a few random niches, go and find some study resources at the library, and take a look at them to see if they are of good quality, and if they are, then they earn a mention here on the blog, just like this super GRE prep book has done.

It does take significant time to do this book research, and that is why I™d really appreciate it if you were to check out the resources I recommend. Of course, you would only check them out if you are studying for the exact exams that I discuss. For instance, for it to be worthwhile for you to go look at the most decent GMAT book that I™ve come across, you would have to be a soon to be candidate of the GMAT exam.


CFA Exam Hysterics

There is no need to get all hysterical over the CFA examination. Yeah I get that it™s a hard exam, but there™s no need for getting all silly over it and telling yourself it™s too much for you to accomplish (a pass grade, that is). I know you absolutely can get it right in this exam, because of the existence of sites like the one I™m going to send you to now, where there are people who are determined to make sure you are a success in this exam:

Those kinds of sites just show how helpful the internet can be when you really need to get your knowledge up to scratch for an exam. Without such sites, it would be a lot harder because you™d need to go to the library, and possibly in your town they might not have any decent resources. For example they might not have the best prep review for CFA in your location.

But in the internet, you have access to a medium where you can have anything shipped to your city. In fact some courses for CFA don™t even need to be shipped because you can just download them or stream them via the internet! And so you see, you have lots of options and so there™s no need for hysterics!


Studying From Books Vs Studying Online

In the last decade or so, digital learning courses have really dominated as the go-to products for exam takers. There are various advantages and disadvantages to using them, and it seems to be especially younger folks who prefer them. I suppose this is because young people were brought up using computers and so almost anything that can be done digitally these days, by someone brought up on computers, will be.

The benefits to working from the computer are of course numerous. You can have your content updated via the internet, at the click of a button, and this can be really useful if you are studying for an exam that has content which tends to change on a yearly basis. For some exams though, you are better off with paper books to study. The GRE exam for instance; these GRE books are far better than any online courses you might be able to find.

I™m not clutching at straws with just a few exams here and there either, that are better suited to book study. The best LSAT books of late have turned out better than any online courses, which will come as a surprise to many people, especially the younger crowd!