Texas Wildfire Relief Fund: Let’s fight against wildfire together!


Texas is suffering from the complicated wildfire situation due to many factors, which have contributed to this natural disaster. Among such critical conditions there are such as drenching rains from Hurricane Alex, which were the reason of the lush growth of the vegetation, the next one was the cold winter that resulted in no vegetation and perfect conditions for the wildfires. As a result of all those nature conditions 99% of the entire Texas state is under a burn ban.

Why the problem of wildfire in Texas can’t be ignored?

If you look at the figures, which refer to the damage caused by Texas wildfire you will understand that the facts are unencouraging:

  • Texas has experienced 21, 616 wildfires so far with 3,768,453 acres being burnt.
  • Over 2000 homes have been destroyed as well as other structures, which damage is about 7000.
  • More than 1500 animals have perished, among them both wild and domesticated.
  • Agricultural financial losses are over 78$ mln.

Unfortunately, Texas wildfire has caused not only financial damage but was the reason of several deaths: three volunteer firefighters died and 29 were injured. As for the civilians 2 people died and 2 were injured. 2011 is the year known for the horrible fires, which made not less than 500 people homeless. More than 13 hectares of forest were covered with fire. The reason of emergence of forest fires was the record heat, which was all summer in the central regions of the country. Thermometers in Texas rarely fell below the mark of 40 degrees for several months. In Texas the month of March was the driest one in the whole state’s history. A severe drought caused a large number of fires that burned more than a hundred houses and about one million acres of forest.

Because of the strong wind, the fire began to approach the densely populated area of Fort Worth. Texas State Senator appealed to the US president with a request for financial assistance for the state. $ 2 million is an amount of money that was required to fight fires. If everybody gives 500$ instant cash loans the problem of wildfires could be solved much faster.

As you can see, the wildfire situation in Texas has reached its critical point and can’t be ignored. People mustn’t die or lose their homes. And the task of Texas Wildfire Relief Fund is to take care of an awareness of this difficult situation, which can be improved only if each of us realizes that all donations are helpful.

What is being done to change the wildfire critical situation?

There are about 30 thousand volunteers across the state who represent 1400 fire departments. The most number of volunteer firefighters use their funds to provide their departments with all necessary things, including equipment. The entire outfit of one volunteer costs about $8400. However, this is worth this money as volunteer firefighters have managed to save 48150 structures so far.

Donate money-Save Texas from wildfire

Each minute is valuable as it may be spent for the preventive measures taken by our volunteer firefighters who do their best to defend citizens’ lives and their homes. Donate today and you will see how tomorrow can change with our common efforts.